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Virtual Assistants take on the busy work so you can focus on the business

We Excel In The Administrative So You Can Focus On The Operational.

Desktop Ink Virtual Assistance matches you with quality talented virtual assistants

Are your days more busy than productive? Do you spend too much time on email? Are you too busy to take time off? Do you find yourself working on your vacations? 

Job Seekers

We are always looking to partner with great talent.  Whether you're an independent contractor or seeking an employee role, we will keep an eye out to match you with the right position.

How Do You Know If You Need A Virtual Assistant (VA)?

It can be difficult to recognize when you're shouldering too much.  Below are a few signs to help you figure out when it's time to hire a VA.


Are you constantly busy but failing to catch up?

Missed Deadlines

Are your projects and initiatives falling behind? Would extra resources help free you up to meet key deadlines?


Do you consistently feel stressed, unmotivated, unsatisfied, or defeated when it comes to your business?

Administrative Overload

Is your day consumed with email, voicemail, and other routine tasks?

Lack of Growth

Have you had to turn down business and revenue generation opportunities because you're overwhelmed with your current workload?

Core Operations Suffering

Are you lacking enough time to focus on core operations?


You don't have to shoulder the responsibilities alone.  Desktop Ink Virtual Assistance recognizes that you are ultimately accountable for your business but, we also understand the importance of building a reliable, supportive, competent team.  Our goal is to connect you with the skilled resources you need to optimize your business. ​

What Are The Benefits of Hiring a VA?

Reclaim Your Time

By allowing our VAs to take on the routine tasks, our clients have more time to focus on the core operations and activities that contribute to the growth of their business or improve work-life balance. 

Save Money

VA's can work as independent contractors, maintaining their own computers, equipment,  office space, insurance, and taxes.

Peace of Minnd

A dependable and supportive VA can not only reduce your workload but decrease any work-related stress. 

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