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About Desktop Ink Virtual Assistance

Desktop Ink Virtual Assistance was founded in 1999 in Flint, Michigan as a part-time home business by Kristal Jackson. After moving to Virginia in 2016, she partnered with her niece, Alesha Jackson, and daughter, Kaila Wilson, to expand the business and services.

As the premier business and technology support provider, Desktop Ink Virtual Assistance is committed to excellence in customer service delivery.  Our approach is based on adaptability and the prioritization of our client’s needs.  We recognize that business is not always predictable, so we remain flexible and allow our clients to identify the services they need, on-demand.

There are four key areas that are addressed by our services.  We provide the essential support that our clients need to:

  1. Reclaim their time.  This allows our client to refocus their time on core operations and activities that contribute to the growth of their business. 

  2. Improve their work-life balance. Shifting the responsibility of everyday tasks allows our clients to spend more time enjoying family, friends, and life.

  3. Save money.  When you hire Desktop Ink Virtual Assistance, you don’t have to worry about expenses such as equipment, office space, insurance, and taxes.  We work as contractors and maintain these items on our own.

  4. Gain peace of mind.  A dependable and supportive partner, like Desktop Ink Virtual Assistance, can not only reduce your workload but decrease any work-related stress. 

Meet The Team


Kristal Jackson, CEO, and Founder

The visionary behind Desktop Ink VA with over 25 years of experience in the Tech industry. Kristal realized the need for virtual assistance is more important now than ever before!


Alesha Jackson, COO

Seasoned Executive Assistant has supported C Level executives for 20 years making her the perfect partner for Kristal.


Kaila WilsonE Assistant

Graduated from the University of Michigan in 2019. Her technological expertise and can-do attitude are just what Kristal and Alesha needed to complete the team.

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